I also wanna have Funds

We are in this era where millennials have the access to almost everything in the world with the use of the internet. Some use it wisely, some use it on a damaging way. Unfortunately, same as how the internet have become so accessible, are we using the time we have in the world in living wisely or we are living our lives doing just nothing but all pleasure and luxury?

Well, because of the event made by Sunlife, I have realized many things but the most influential realization that I had is, “Where do all my money go?”

Well, I admit, I am a person – no, one of the millennial who lives with all the needs that I want. And I relized it wasn’t actually helping me out as a person. It isn’t helping me out for my future.

I consider this as one of my main problems after the event. The solution, to do the first step which is to track what my expenses are for me to be able to keep track of my expenses.

At some point, I also feel like the event was a calling for me to make me awake of the reality that we need to live our lives wisely and practically. I will start on it right now and will do it one day at a time.

Wellbein Borja

A self-proclaimed mobile photographer. An aspiring blogger. A startup entrepreneur. An optimistic person. #mypersonalsnaps #puzzlemyworld #pergazine (Instagram: @wellbeinb | Twitter: @wellbeinb)

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