An unexpected moment in Cebu City’s Hidden Gem – Himbabawod Falls at Bonbon, Cebu City

After the life-changing and magnificent staycation at Lava Mountain River Farm, we were given the chance to explore one of Cebu City’s hidden gem, the Himbabawod Falls located at Bonbon, Cebu City.

View of the Mananga River from Lava Mountain River Farm

It was one of the best morning I’ve ever had. From the night swimming experience to a sumptuous morning breakfast at Lava Mountain River Farm, we took the chance to get to see the Himbabawd Falls despite of the time pressure since we were only given a total of 2 hours to complete the trek back and forth since we are scheduled to go back to Cebu City by 12 noon.

I’m gonna make this my signature pose. LOL

After the breakfast, we immediately prepared ourselves and our devices and without a doubt, we immediately started our way to Himbabawod Falls. This is not just an ordinary mountain trekking since we followed the trek from the Mananga River that is very popular for pre-nuptial photoshoots. Then the very rocky trek began.

Pahuway sa ta mga bes. On-point #OOTD trekking experience. 😀

River trekking as it is considered, is one of the travel goals I have on my bucket list.  It’s not just climbing a mountain but experiencing and feeling the flow of the waters from the river. With the melody of nature’s wonders – birds chirping and trees clapping, it just feels so rejuvenating.

Let’s submerge our tired feet to the cold river water.

The weather went gloomy. But it did not stop us from moving forward.

Stumbled on this wonderful rock formation.

From a very sunny morning to a gloomy one, it did not made us stop the trek until the rain started to pour. It even adds thrill to the trek and made me ponder some of life’s realizations.

Stumbled on these rock balancing formation.

Stumbled on these rock balancing formation. I wonder who did this. #LifesBalance

Stumbled on these rock balancing formation. I wonder who did this. #LifesBalance

We even stumbled into series of rock balancing setup that made me realize that our life needs balance.

We passed by on this small waterfall.

No matter how hard our lives are, despite of the negative circumstances it may bring, we need to move forward and overcome the challenges. Something great is waiting at the top. We should not be carried away by the negative feelings because it will bring us down and will affect the way how we live our daily lives.

We made it! 🙂

Upon reaching the destinstion, this trek made me realize even more that I am a glass half-full, not half-empty. Reaching the destination that we want to reach will always depend on our determination to pursue the things we want to achieve.

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