Argao Food Escapade – Home of Cebu’s Best Torta and Argao’s Best Barbecue

When we say Argao, the first thing that will immediately pop-up into our minds will be Argao’s main delicacy, Torta!

Argao is definitely known as best torta hub in Cebu. With variety of torta choices with different secret ingredients, you can’t help but drool with it’s sweetness.

One of Argao’s premier in Torta making is Chitang’s Torta where they offer variety of torta versions and other sweet and delicious delicacies.

The main delicacies they served us was the Special Chitang’s Torta and the Sand Cake.

The main highlight of the trip we had is not actually the torta, but Argao’s best barbecue, Carenderia ni Eton.

I am so glad to personally meet the owner himself, the ever-enthusiastic Mr. Robert Yap. He introduced us with the carenderia, shared the story why he decided to open up the carenderia and shared some of the secrets about the barbecue. And ooops, take note, the carenderia is closed every Monday to give their staff more time with their families and loved ones.

Some of the best-sellers of the carenderia includes the pork tenderloin barbecue, chicken barbecue and the Nilat-ang Baka.

Pork Tenderloin Barbecue

Argao Escapade

Argao Escapade

Reverse Osmosis – the term they used for one of the processes they do with this barbecue where the meat juices are replaced with the marinade sauce that produces a juicy pork tenderloin barbecue. Matched with a hot rice, it just feels so good and satisfying!

Chicken Barbecue

Argao Escapade

Argao Escapade

The Chicken Barbecue is also one of the juiciest chicken barbecue i’ve ever tasted. I couldn’t remember if they also used reverse osmosis process for this but one thing is for sure, the chicken barbecue indeed tastes legit.

Torta at Chitang’s

Argao Escapade

Argao Escapade

I am not really a fan of sweet pastries, but Chitang’s Torta offers amazingly delicious tortas and other Argao Delicacies. There may have been a lot of torta makers in Argao, but Chitang’s torta is one of the pioneers who introduced torta in the market.

Later, once we get to visit entire Argao, we’ll have a look not juts on the food but also for their best tourist spots and stay tuned for that! 😉

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