Baguio Craft Brewery- Cebu

Baguio Craft Brewery Cebu celebrates its 2nd Anniversary!

Baguio Craft Brewery was created from humble beginnings. It started with home brewing in a garage. A great passion for craft beer and a love for creating something extraordinarily delicious, out of basic, natural ingredients to give people a brand new flavor to their taste buds. The Philippine based company opened the doors to its first location in Baguio City way back 2014.

The decision to venture into the world of a craft brewery came about with their vision to cultivate a culture where people appreciate traditionally-brewed and unique handcrafted beers with none of the additives, preservatives or adjuncts that beer drinkers have been accustomed to. Their continuing advocacy is to educate and convert beer drinkers to craft beer drinkers. 

They believe that we should know exactly what their beer is made of. Their beers don’t have additives, preservatives or adjuncts. They brew their beer the way it’s supposed to be. This is their passion and promise. Baguio Craft Brewery is 100 percent Filipino owned and operated. They share the passion in keeping jobs local to Baguio and in promoting a sense of community amongst their staff and customers. Each beer is a masterpiece unto itself. Great beers take time and passion to create. They strive hard and they continually improve the level of service every day to give all their customers the best experience.

Their Vision is to become a premium craft beer brand in the Philippines and in Asia. They wish to grow the company slowly and steadily while keeping their core values intact.

With their mission to produce unique, quality hand crafted beers that are second to none, they, at Baguio Craft Brewery honor the traditional craft brewing philosophy. They continually aim to improve the quality of beer creation. They remain committed to individual expression to create high quality, innovative and unique beers that appeal to every beer lover with a sense of discovery and adventure.

Staying true to its name, Baguio Craft Brewery is a premium casual restaurant/pub with a passion for fresh local ingredients of the Cordillera region whenever possible. All menu items are handcrafted in house to provide the freshest food possible. With over 61 plus brews and with 21 craft beers on tap, Baguio Craft Brewery is proud to offer the Philippines it’s largest selection of draft beer. It’s not uncommon to find unique brews on the menu alongside more well-known-style such as lagers and pilsners.

They took a lot of study, effort and time while building their beer menu because it’s important for us to have a list of diverse entree for their customers. For their menu, these are timeless comfort dishes and traditional pub favorite mixed with modern fare and innovative combinations, such as their yummy balot, their bestselling ribs, crispy truffles and more. They took pride on making all their dishes in house from scratch and sustainable ingredients available. 

Good food, craft beer, beautiful rustic interior and great service, a perfect formula that Baguio Craft Brewery has been using to achieve success in a craft beer brewing scene. All locations feature a bar with wooden tap handles that are intricately and uniquely carved that were inspired by the wood carvers of Ifugao. This design element has become part of the signature look for Baguio Craft Brewery.

Baguio Craft Brewery isn’t just a place where people go to have a beer and a bite. Our goal is to create an approachable environment for the community to come together and enjoy great food and great craft beer under one roof. We are a community focused and look forward to getting to know our community. It’s important for us to find out what are the unique needs of the community when we open our restaurants. How do we fit into that space and most importantly how do we contribute positively as a business?

Baguio Craft Brewery- Cebu

Baguio Craft Brewery has shared the taste of freedom as we opened our first store in Cebu City.  There are great things happening for Baguio Craft Brewery and they’re excited to spread and be a part of such a great community as they celebrate their 2nd year.

Baguio Craft Brewery has enhanced Cebu’s dine in and beer culture since 28th of July 2017.

Situated at IT Park, Cebu City. Diners and pub crawler have more food and craft beer choices than ever before.

Venue Features 

  • Rustic casual pub & dine with a touch of cordilleran influence
  • Seating Capacity 
    • Taproom/ Tasting Room  20 pax
    • Deck 40 pax 
    • Alfresco 20 pax
    • Open seating 30-50 pax
  • Smoking and non-smoking areas
  • Family friendly dining experience 
  • Pet Friendly
  • Located at Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park Lahug, Cebu City 

Beer Features

  • Philippines’ largest selection of craft beer with over 20 beers on rotating tap that includes ales, fruit beers, wheat, stout, pilsners and lagers
  • Bar with wooden tap handles that are intricately and uniquely carved that is inspired by the wood carvers of Ifugao  
  • Locally sourced ingredients 
  • Menu Features
  • Pub favorites and staple “pulutan” & local favorites
  • Locally sourced produce and meats 

Keep up to date on our promotions and events at Baguio Craft Brewery by following them on their social media accounts;

Facebook @BaguioCraftBreweryCebu and Instagram @BaguioCraftBreweryCebu.

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