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As a freelancer and a startup business who, for the mean time, still doesn’t have the luxury on investing on a working space, we all opt out to coffee shops to do our jobs and spend our day being productive.

I’m pretty sure we all know what a co-working space is. There’s a couple of co-working spaces here in Cebu where we can work and be productive. Co-working spaces isn’t just an ordinary option, aside from coffee shops that doesn’t have a stable internet connection and power outlets, co-working spaces serves as our only best option (also, I don’t think coffee shops were intended to be a long-term working space). Each co-working spaces in Cebu has their own unique features and services, not to mention each individual interiors.

Last February, I’ve heard about the opening of The Company co-working space in Cebu IT Park branch, the 2nd branch in the Philippines and in fact, the biggest co-working space here in the Metro that can accommodate 80 seats, 27 private offices, 12 Executive offices, 2 meeting rooms that can accommodate 18 and 8 people respectively. Their space can also be your future event space since the place can accommodate 200-250 people (standing or sitting). I was first curious as to what would it look like and what would it feel to be working on a space like this. I’ve got questions that I wanted to be answered until today, March 15, 2019 where I got to experience the place.

To be honest, what I expected is just a normal space with tables and some sort of fancy interiors. But I was wrong. When I arrived, it took me a couple of seconds to internalize what I saw. I never really expected how big the space is. The part that really caught my eye is this part where the frames totally matched the color of the wall plus the awesome black and white photographs that looks so amazing.

I could feel like this is so far the best co-working space i’ve been to because of the interiors.

Another highlight I want to emphasize on this blog is that, they offer free coffee, tea and water and that have variety of seats, spaces and rooms available for use. They also have meeting rooms that is perfect for workshops and seminars. Check the respective rates below:

Membership PlansRates
Drop-in (1-day use)₱400
Flex Seats₱2,000 (8 days pass within 30 weekdays1)
Shared Seats₱6,5002
Dedicated Desks₱8,0003
Membership PlansRatesMonthly Rate (for 6 months term)
2 persons₱23,000₱21,000
3 persons₱32,000₱30,000
4 persons₱40,000₱38,000
6 persons₱65,000₱60,000


Free coffee, tea and water is a plus. The interior is world class. I was amazed with the setup as it has a very productive ambiance. The internet is fast which we all need to be able to work on multiple tasks online. I am just not sure how would it feel to work if there are events since when we went there, it was quiet and peaceful.

For more details and to know more about The Company Cebu, visit their newly opened branch at the 15th Floor, HM Tower, West Geonzon Street, Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City. You can also check their Mandaue branch at Building 4, JDN Square, P. Remedio Street, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu.

You can also contact The Company Cebu on their Facebook Page for your inquiries.

Source: Cebu Finest

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