Experience Life to the fullest at Lava Mountain River Farm

Lava Mountain River Farm – Located at the mountainous part of Cebu City, this townhouse/rest house which was upgraded to a resort is perfect for family bonding, team building and other recreational activities. Although this place isn’t fully developed yet, you can still enjoy the luxury of staying and unwinding from the City’s hustles and bustles.

Life, as what we call the most important gift we received from God isn’t easy. We all experience ups and downs, happiness and disappointments and yeah, name all other emotions related to human being – we all experience that. But that doesn’t mean that we’re weak and clueless as to what life lies ahead. Life was made for a purpose. So don’t get frustrated.

Sometimes, we need to get out of our comfort zones to experience how it feels to live life to the fullest without compromises from what I consider one of human’s greatest enemy – the Standards of Society. Finding the best version of yourself should always be the priority, thus keeping an eye on all the positive vibes of life should come first.

Realizations are perfect if you’re away from the City. Just being together with nature is the best way to reconnect with yourself. And that’s what had happened…

The Lava Mountain River Farm made me feel like everything happens for a reason. All the positive vibes are present. Together with the chirping of the birds and the beautiful melody the leaves produces together with the wind are those what I have been craving to feel lately.

The ambiance of the place is definitely perfect. It’s so calm that the problems seems to voluntarily go away. So basically, let me share with you how this place is recommended for those who want to relax, rejuvenate and find the best version of themselves.

The 4-hectare Lava Mountain River Farm is located about 22 kilometers from Cebu City and would take around an hour and a half to get there. Since they are still in the development phase, only about 1/3 of the place is developed and the owners aim to have it developed in the near future. We rode a van on the way to the farm and since we are all first-timers on that place, we had a hard time finding it until we did!

Just like life, the road going there wasn’t easy. But if you’re just determined to continue, you’ll reach the paradise – a destination where everyone is dreaming and aiming to have. The indication that you are almost there is that you’ll get to see a place full of mango trees. The mango trees are set to be harvested every May.

When we arrived, a house that’s so wonderfully made full of bamboo walls welcomed us.

On the back part of the house lies the main house where I and the team stayed. The house is very open that you tend to feel the natural air flowing on your cheeks.

One of the amenities they have is their infinity pool facing the beautiful view of the mountain and trees. What’s unique and best with this pool? It’s because that this pool has the natural river water fresh from the Mananga River. So basically it doesn’t have chlorine. It is a free-flowing pool. The waters from the river and the falls nearby undergoes sand filters with an algae called Smitsuke Algae and that’s the reason why the water is still very crystal clear and is cleaner than that of pools with chlorine I should say. Dipping on the pool is actually one way to experience nature’s wonders like never before.

We went there so perfectly because the Robles Tree, which is considered Philippines’ version of Cherry Blossoms in Japan is here. It only blooms once a year and it’s usually every March of the year.

There are still other rooms available for you to stay. There’s the Bali Hut where it is the perfect room for you to stay. It overlooks the entire area. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture a photo of it but there’s this one hut that seems so magnificent as well.

This hut is purely made with wood and bamboo and there’s this triangular window that overlooks the river and the mountains together.

Other amenities they have was the bonfire pit where you can have your night spent with your colleagues and experience both the warmth of the fire and the cold breeze of the air at night.

They also have a fish pond where you find the Hito fish. You could actually just go fishing if you like.

You could also check their comfort rooms, it’s actually bigger than my room.

The owner also added that although this place is perfect for any seasons and weather that we have, another best time for you to visit this place is every last quarter of the year if you want to experience to personally witness lots of fireflies flying around the area.

Take note, there will be no cellular signal on the place. So no social media, no internet. All you need to do is to be with nature and relax.

After the owner introduced the amenities, we were then served a meryenda. And guess what? It is puto and sweet corn! Perfect combination for a gloomy weather…<3

A dip on the natural flowing river/falls water pool. So refreshing!

We had few chit-chat moments while eating our meryenda and after our tummies have filled with the sumptuous food, we went into an amazing experience with the natural pool.

And to add up with the hype, the pool looks so adorable at night. It feels so inviting! And I would personally recommend you to try night swimming. The water is unexpectedly warm with the thought that you’re on a mountain.

While we were having fun at the pool, the staff prepared the sleeping area for us to rest. Since we were on the main house that is so huge that it can accomodate up to ten people, here’s how it looks like:

Here’s how the main house looks at night

Aside from the amenities, you can also try river trekking on the way to the Hamabawod Falls, yoga on any part of the place, fishing on the pond, a traditional hilot (massage) with the massage therapists from the neighboring area. My experience with the trekking will be up on the next blog, so stay tuned! ?

Now, what do you think? Feeling mesmerized with the beauty? You should go there! I would assure you that you will not regret.

So here’s how to get to Lava Mountain River Farm:

1. Look for BUMBLE V GAS STATION along Transcentral Highway. This will be on your left if coming from Cebu City and is before Ayala Heights.
2. Make a left turn on the 2nd left corner (there is a sign of the church ST. JOHN MARIE VIANNEY QUASI PARISH) after Bumble V gas station. This is road heading to Brgy. Bonbon.
3. Follow road until you see Bonbon Barangay Hall on your left.
4. Take right turn immediately after Barangay Hall (there is a directional signage of LAVA MOUNTAIN RIVER FARM). This is road leading to Biasong.
5. Follow road until you hit a T intersection (there is a directional signage of LAVA MOUNTAIN RIVER FARM), take a left turn at the T.
6. Follow road until you get to river. There will be a sitio there (Biasong) that you will drive through. Follow the directional signages.

For inquiries about the rates and reservation, you may contact them using the following information:

Lava Mountain River Farm
Address: Biasong, Brgy. BonBon, Busay, Cebu City
Mobile: +63 917 828 5614
Email: lavamountainriverfarm@gmail.com
Facebook: @LavaMountainRiverFarm

If you want to go there and you don’t have the means of transportation, I would recommend you to contact CK and J Tours as they offer affordable car and van rentals.

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