Finally, I became a Pilot at Inflight Cafe

Remembering the past few years of my life gave me somehow a sort of regret and a whole lot of emotions I could not explain. One of the biggest emotion that affected my life is my frustration to become a pilot.

During high school days, I really dreamed to be a pilot. I dreamed to be able to fly and visit the world. I have a fear of heights, and becoming a pilot is one way for me to conquer that fear and that’s one of the bucket list I have that I really want to fulfill.

But for some unfortunate reason, fate and destiny did not allow me to be one. Oh – actually I have tried becoming a pilot. Although its not real, at least, I felt like the level of frustration i’ve had just lessen.

I am afraid of heights, but I am not afraid to fly.

Inflight Cafe, located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City is Cebu’s newest and unique cafe setup. With this place, all the frustrations I’ve got from the past years have finally made into realization (at least). Even if it’s just a replica of the real airplane, I am thankful because, why not? At least, I’ve got to experience how it feels to sit on a pilot’s seat.

On the other hand, you’ll definitely gonna love what’s inside the cafe. With its airplane-ish setting where all the seats are actually real-life plane seats and the crew are wearing a flight attendant attire.

Talking about the food, ugh! I can’t help but love ’em! From the appetizers to the main dishes and desserts and drinks, what more could you ask for?

Guys, to be honest, it would be best if you personally visit the place and experience it for yourself (especially for those like me who haven’t had the chance to be on a real airplane yet! Haha). They are located at the main road of Subangdako, Mandaue City, just across ADG I.T CENTRE and near BIR building.

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