Help Save Lives through Mental Health first Response Training

Few years ago, I’ve heard television reports about suicide cases here in Cebu that’s increasing in numbers.

I’ve read from one article below (2016) that a psychiatrist department of one of the hospitals here in Cebu received more than 30 referrals from other departments in a month. By the time they launched the suicide hotline, they received 17 calls. (Source:

Today is 2019, I am very certain that the number of suicide cases and suicide attempts are growing and I find it very alarming.

Most teenagers nowadays are the ones prone to committing suicide because of anxiety and depression caused by family issues.

Why did I mention all these things? It’s because i’m concerned as to how many more young lives will be gone in the next few months? Years? We never know.

I’m writing about this because I want to be a part of an advocacy in saving lives of the young generation. I want to help prevent those troubled teenagers in taking their lives.

With this, I am sharing this training that would help those who are willing to be part of this cause.

The Mental Health First Response Training is a mental health crisis skills prevention & intervention workshop for Filipinos (general public) who want to gain valuable skills in mental health concerns and suicide intervention. 

​This training program will assist Filipino adults or anyone to intervene with someone who may be experiencing a mental health crisis and/or other mental health conditions that may or may not be a crisis situation.

Their goal is to train participants and prepare them to:

Recognize the sign of emotional distress.

Apply universal mental health crisis intervention to prevent suicide.

Learn to E.S.T.I.M.A.T.E. © – to judge and calculate the current situation in  order to save lives. E.S.T.I.M.A.T.E  is the core skill learned in the Mental Health First Response training.

Disarm any potential weapons and recognize safety of the person and the mental health first responder.

Screen for co-occurring disorders and other mental health concerns.

Inquire about the person’s support system.

Refer to a more qualified professional.

Encourage continued self-care.

If you are interested to join this training, please see the poster below for more details or visit

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