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On a consumer’s end, looking on all the food businesses here in Cebu or anywhere I the country, some of them offers the same foods, same drinks, with few twists that does not even make them different from the others. People nowadays gets more attracted with foods and snacks that isn’t just delicious and affordable, but also, people are rooting for convenience it may bring to them.

Good thing that I was invited for the Opening of one of the new food craze here in Cebu, the Kerrimo Talamban which offers a food and drink in one!

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Yes, you heard it right. I was amazed by the way how the foods were presented. The serving is one of-a-kind, it’s very competitive and definitely not that so-called “For Marketing Purposes” only. I even tried to experiment about the convenience it may bring to customers. So far, they went into my expectations. The innovation is definitely on-point and I never had the struggle of bringing it with me with my backpack on and my smartphone on my other hand.

So, what is Kerrimo? Kerrimo is actualy just a pun for the term “carry mo”. Obviously because you got to carry both your food and drink using only any of your hands. They offer snacks such as fries, nuggets and hotdogs with a drink of your preference. Kerrimo Talamban is the first-ever Kerrimo branch here in Cebu so we are very privileged to be able to experience the Food and Drink in one that they offer!

Having tried their fries’ flavors, I personally love the Jalapeno and the Tacos! I don’t know why, I just like the feels those flavors give to my taste buds. For the drinks, I personally love the Pink Lychee not because it’s pink, but because iced tea and orange juice seems to be so common nowadays. Everyone serves those and I don’t feel like those are new. The pink lychee tastes so good anyway.

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I was also able to talk with the branch owner and the Kerrimo owner as well, and I am so glad that they are expanding their business here in Cebu. Currently, they have approximately 97 branches all around the country. Kerrimo Talamban’s first branch is located at Unit 3, 986 Nasipit, Talamban, just beside the Petron Gasoline Station!

For more information, you may contact Kerrimo Talamban at 0905-553-3906 of check out their awesome Facebook page!

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