Marisse Patisserie – The delightful hideout in the Metro

Delightful as it is, if you are looking for a place to unwind and fill your cravings for quality desserts and pastries, Marisse Patisserie offers wide-range of specialty desserts for an affordable price. Opened last July 2016, they are already serving clients who regularly visit them mostly after dinner.

Perfect Combination Tomato Soup and Sandwich

The tagline “Baking memories” is inspired by the idea that everytime the clients had the chance to taste the pastries, they will remember their childhood from years before. They also try to create desserts that would fit the unique taste buds of every Cebuanos.

During the media event, when someone from the media asked about the ingredients, Ms. Marisse Sy, the owner, mentioned that the ingredients are imported but it does not sacrifice the price because she herself as a Cebuana, is very conscious about it.

Just a sort of quick history, Ms. Marisse was inspired by her family to put up the pastry shop, and now, it’s serving Cebuanos, their regular clients and everyone who visit the place with delightful desserts and pastries.

Iced Dark Chocolate Macchiato

Their family is already exposed to foods and Ms. Marisse personally trained their staff for the proper ways of baking the pastries. The business involves family that much.

Something that makes them unique and standout is that they dont want to have the ususal taste of desserts and pastries. They wanted to share to the Cebuanos some desserts and pastries thats never found elsewhere.

Clients usually visit this place for gatherings and meetings. They want to make the place more private and that’s the reason why they do not allow swimming on the pool.

To give you an overview of the desserts, here are the cakes they offer:

Ria’s Banana Cheesecake – Created for Ria, Marisse’s daughter, who loves bananas.

Guava Cheesecake – uniquely delicious!

Lemon Blueberry Cake

Pecado Mortal
“Sin’ on a plate – – heavenly rich and dense. All at once you taste the slight bitterness of chocolate, a hint of coffee, & crunch of casuy brittle. Considered by many chocolate lovers to be the ultimate chocolate cake.

Strawberry Matcha Cake

Pappy’s Banana Guava Cake – created in honor of Marisse’s father who loved to est bananas with guava jam. A delicious combination of banana cake layered with guava jam, chocolate icing and cream cheese frosting.

Brownie Cheesecake – a perfect match… Brownie and cheesecake married together topped with dark chocolate coated brownies.

For inquiries and reservations, you may visit their Facebook page or you can call them on their mobile number 0917 708 3853 and their landline (032) 406 3099.

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