A Unique Dining Experience at Kampo Grill and Bar

I am always a fan of a cowboy-kind of dining. Eating like you are in the middle of military group kinda feel so new and exciting. Guess what? Here’s a newly opened place like that here in Cebu – The Kampo Grill and Bar that offers variety of whole new concept of the dishes with unique military names.

This is the 10th brand owned by Pages Holdings, Inc. together with Top of Cebu, Lantaw, Shaka and many more.

They serve American dishes with a Filipino twist. Dine with your gang and take note, you’ll going to dine outdoors – on a military ambiance so there is no aircon anywhere on the dining area. Rest assured, everything is really something new and worth the value of your money.

Here are some of the dishes that they serve:

Kampo Grill and Bar Crocodile Sisig is definitely the best dish I have tasted so far. I guess I’m now in-love with any crocodile dishes. Worth to try guys!

Kampo Grill and Bar Barbecue Platter. This barbecue platter is presented and cooked differently than the typical barbecues you see anywhere. Try this and taste the difference. 🙂

Kampo Grill and Bar Meatball Mountain is something the kids would love to eat. Aside from this meatballs looking cute, it is so yummy and meaty that you’ll crave for it everyday.

Kampo Grill and Bar Buttermilk Fried Chicken gives you a buttery fried Chicken flavor. In my own POV, it was well-marinated with a sort of butter-sauce (I’m not sure but since recipe is proprietary, it’s just my own thoughts haha). To taste is to believe.

Kampo Grill and Bar Dirty Rice is something you need to try. This is not a literal dirty rice but it’s more on like a yellow-ish rice that’s so delicious and can only be found here.

My top picks are the Crocodile  and Pork Sisig with Itlog na Maalat.

As for the beverages, brace yourselves. I find it really hilarious but it somehow work. They have their own version of some of the common alcoholic beverages and they nailed it. These are the following:

They also have a working military trucks, so it adds more awesomeness to the place.

What else should I say? Everything about the place is just so lit and I’m gonna go back and bring my friends.

For more info about their dishes and beverages, visit them every Mondays to Saturdays at 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

You can also contact them at (032) 516-0718 or visit their official social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram.)

What are your thoughts? Comment it down below!

(P.S. Featured Image courtesy of Aldrin Jake Suan)

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