My Soho Park Experience

We’ve all been into a place where the ambiance is perfect and the foods are just so delicious – so delicious that you’ll stop your diet for once ;).

With regards to that, I finally have dined to Soho Park that is located at the Ground Floor of the Asia Premier Residences, just at the back of Krispy Kreme in IT Park. I wasn’t expecting to be able to dine to this place the soonest as I planned to visit the place with my college buddies. And then Sir Carlo of Kalami Cebu invited me for an impromptu dinner so I decided to join them together with our fellow Cebuano content creators.

The place is 5-star for me. I kinda like the not-so-restaurant feels since for me it has the sort of a co-working space feels with the aroma of the coffee beans on the table. I could imagine myself working on my freelance while eating my meal.

Oh well, enough of the feels as I am so excited to show you the dishes that we have tried.

Soho Park Breakfast

Mahi-Mahi Puffs

Ube, Waffle and Fried Chicken

Soho Club

Grilled 1/2 Chicken

Fresh Vietnamese Pork Rolls

Crispy Tender Pork Belly

Soho Park Pizza Fondue

Seared Tuna Salad


California Maki

Hungry? So do I. The foods might look luxurious but trust me, the prices are cheaper and you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of dishes that they have.

Editing this blog made me hungry and crave. What I like on the list are the California Maki, Energizer and Soho Park Breakfast! What are your thoughts? Comment it down below!

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