Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings at Macaron 5

From the title itself, You already have an idea that in this blog, I’m going to talk about these tiny and cute sweet dessert that everyone loves to eat during parties and events.

Macarons from Macaron 5

So okay, let me clear things out, I am not a sweet tooth. I rarely eat anything sweet because I have a very sensitive tonsil. I just had the courage to try out the Macarons during the launching of Macaron 5 located at Ayala Center Cebu because I always bring with me the Orahex-AF mouthwash that was prescribed for me by my doctor because I recently just had tonsillitis.

Enough of my explanation, let’s get this done already 😀

So since I already explained above that I’m not really into sweets, expect that this review is not biased.

Among all the macarons I’ve tasted so far, Macaron 5 is one of those that stood out because the macarons are so gentle to my throat. It seems like it knew that I had a sensitive throat and it just went there seamlessly and I super love the taste – but not all the flavors though. They have 9 different flavors but out of all the flavors they had, the one that I could not forget is the Passion Fruit Flavor because I can live for it. They also have the Salted Caramel, one that also taste good and the Mango-Choco flavor that I just didn’t try to eat because mangoes are one of those foods that can trigger my tonsillitis.

I am pretty sure that Macaron 5 is definitely for sweet-tooth people and if you are one of those, Macaron 5 is definitely a must-try dessert in Cebu.

Visit their first ever branch in the Philippines located at the 2nd floor of Ayala Center Cebu just beside Playnation (New Wing). You can also follow them of their social media accounts @macaron_five on Instagram and Macaron 5 on Facebook.

My happy face because I was not worried about my tonsilitis at this time. 😅

After you read this blog and decided to try them out, leave your thoughts here 😉.

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