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Have you ever experienced the best vacation of your life? A vacation that changed your perspective in life that despite of all the negativities, stress and pollution in the City, somewhere out there is a paradise that we all want?

I was asking that question because I guess I just had the best vacation of my life. It was when I visited Siargao for the first time and it was life-changing!

If you don’t know yet, Siargao is 237 KM away from Cebu where I currently live. It is best known for the famous Cloud 9 – one of the best surfing spots in the world. I will be very honest, at first, I am not really interested to exploring Siargao’s beautiful spots because what I am interested to do is just to surf my heart out with the beautiful waves, but then I realized, “I want to make the most out of this travel.” so I agreed to explore what Siargao has to offer. And what happened next was legit life-changing.

Arriving to Siargao

Our trip to Siargao was smooth. We arrived in Siargao at around 2pm. You can really tell that Siargao it not yet a fully developed place (and I personally hope it stays as it is). The airport is small and simple. We then boarded a habal-habal on our way to the place we booked through Agoda.

External View of the house. Image Source: Click here.
External View of the house. Image Source: Click here.

The house we booked is fully equipped with a very comfortable bed, working refrigerator, clean comfort room and glass cabinet for the utensils. The room is good for four as it also includes a sofa bed that is good for two.

Bicycle rental for php120.00/day

When we arrived at our place, we immediately rented a bicycle for us to explore Siargao for a few hours before sunrise and I was amazed as to how simple Siargao-living is. I finally was able to try the famous Pan De Coco and it is indeed super delicious. We then went back to our place and took our rest.

Day 2: Land Tour + Sugba Lagoon Tour + Magpupungko

We booked Kuya Bebot Tours during this trip. We booked them a day before our flight. I was hesitant at first because I have trust issues in terms of booking travel agencies because I was scammed during our tour in Guimaras but Kuya Bebot never failed us. The tour was smooth and we were able to explore Siargao and it also includes our sumptuous lunch and entrance fees so we never have to worry with the trip, they had it handled already. Our itinerary for this trip are as follows:

1. Malinao Beach

Early Morning land tour at Malinao Beach. It has a Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu vibe.

2. Coconut Farm Overview at Pilar

Of course, I won’t miss this iconic part of Siargao.

3. Siargao Circumferential Road at Dapa, Surigao Del Norte

I finally was able to have a photo in this iconic road in Siargao. I thought it is a closed road but there are actually vehicles here. It’s just a perfect timing! 😀

4. Magpupungko Rock Pool

This is one of the places that I want to go back to. The water is so clear and warm. This is one of the best places to swim in Siargao.

5. Maasin River

Okay so I never had a photo on the famous Maasin River. Even if I had the chance to go back during our trip, I decided not to because I was disappointed. I thought it is farther from the road but it is actually just near the road. And the water is not as what I expected. I don’t have any problem with its water not as blue as what I expected but every people on instagram edited their photo that made Maasin River not look like it in real life. Maybe i’ll just go there on my next trip.

6. Pacifico Beach

When I saw this place, I immediately told myself, “This place can be where newbie in surfing can start.”. I will go back here too. 🙂

7. Sugba Lagoon

This is the highlight of our land tour. Sugba Lagoon is the most beautiful place i have been visited. the calmness, the water and the view are so magnificent. There are a couple of activities one can do here and that includes Kayaking and Paddleboarding. You can also jump from the jumping stuff as you can see on the picture (I honestly don’t know what it is called).
Kayaking at Sugba Lagoon

Day 3: Sohoton Cove + Island Hopping + Jellyfish Sanctuary

Another day another adventure awaits! We were so excited to start the day because this is considered the highlight of the trip. Finally we’re going to Sohoton Cove! Without further ado, here are the only photos we had during the trip:

1. Sohoton Cove

Cave Entrance

I am not really into caving and all because I’m pretty sure I’ll never have a good photo inside but I was shocked when the guide started taking photos and it was good! So here’s the only photos we had:

Inside the cave. lights are actually present inside because of the reflection of the light.

2. Jellyfish Sanctuary

Jellyish Sanctuary

I was disappointed when we arrive here. I was expecting to see lots of jellyfish but I only saw one. But in all fairness, the view is so nice that If given the chance to go back, I will definitely go back. Plus, the water is not as salty as the water in Cebu. Yes, I manually tasted the water our of curiosity hahaha.

3. Island Hopping (Naked, Guyam and Daku Island)

Okay I’m not gonna lie. Island hopping is actually the part of our tour that I think is unnecessary because maybe I’m already used to the islands that we have in Cebu. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos because I just took my time to relax during the Island Hopping tour. But here’s my observation: Naked Island, as the name suggests, it’s boring. I just don’t have the energy to enjoy the place because I already have been to other sandbars like the sandbar in Sumilon and they just look the same.

The Guyam Island somehow looks like Lambug Beach in Badian so I wasn’t into it as well. Last is the Daku Island that also looks like a clean and peaceful version of Moalboal Basdaku Beach.

Ok so this is the last part. I’ll make it quick!

This is the last and definitely not the least because It was the most awaited part of my trip. I didn’t mentioned it on the Day 2 because I want to talk about it separately.

The last part of Day 2 was life-changing. It was the very 1st time I have finally tried surfing! Yes! And it was my favorite. I never had a single photo while surfing because I can’t afford the additional fee of our surf guides hahahah. But over-all, I will definitely go back to Siargao just for the surfing. I really wanted to surf. and personally, surfing is just my main reason of going back to Siargao.

I guess this ends the blog! I hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂

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