About Me

Hi! My name is Wellbein L. Borja. Welcome to my blog! 

I started blogging last November 2015. My first blog is about WordPress using my startup’s website. The first travel blog I made was our trip to Aguinid falls then I realized that It is not appropriate to mix my travel and food blogs to my startup site, so I decided to separate my business website and my blogs.

Why I blog?

The main reason why I blog is because I want to feature all the good and interesting things I experienced.

Who am I?

I am a self-proclaimed mobile photographer.


Mobile photography has been my passion since 2014. It was when I first owned  a smartphone and explored how a smartphone can produce decent photographs.

I am a blogger.

Although I am new to blogging, I do my best to improve my skills in this craft. I listen and learn from experienced people. 

I am a startup entrepreneur.

I have been running my startup business for a few years now with still a few clients. Still positive tho that I’ll get more clients in the future.  

I am an Optimistic person.

Negativity is none in my vocabulary. I am a glass half full of water, not half empty. 

For inquiries and collaborations, you may send me a message through the contact page or email me at wellbein.borja@gmail.com

You may also visit my social media accounts here:

Thanks for dropping by to my page  Hope to see you more often here!